Global Pollen Patties – 15% Pollen + Apis Biologix “Rocket Fuel”

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NEW – now with Apis BiologixBio Activatora proven “rocket fuel” to boost your bees health!  These Premium Global Pollen Patties contain 15% of real bee pollen. Pollen patties are used by beekeepers in order to give their hives the needed protein for building up their brood. Patties are also an excellent way to ensure your bees have a balanced diet when they are unable to forage due to poor weather or shortage of pollen in the area.

Available in 1 lb, 10 lb or 40 lb boxes, these patties are pre-made and ready to place in your beehives. 

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Not weather-dependent
  • Early brood production
  • Increased bee populations
  • Ready to feed
  • No mixing, no mess
  • Convenient, go from box to hive in seconds
  • The first full spectrum amino acid profile.
  • The first to provide the critical neurotransmitter Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
  • The first to provide trace mineral replacement / supplementation for apiaries existing within an agricultural context.
  • The first to bring you the leading edge science of microbially produced menaquinones (Bacillus Subtilis / Vitamin k2 – MK7), following natures intricate design.
  • The first to bring you the leading edge science of Bifidobacterium produced metabolites (or post biotics) through delivery / application of our proprietary BIO-ACTIVE profile.

Each patty is approx. 1 lb (454 g)

Store in a cool dry place or even freeze for later use.

WARNING: Feeding Global Pollen patties during Winter months may trigger the bees to raise brood.

Global pollen patties w/Apis
Global Patties that includes a dosage of Apis Biologix, a proven “rocket fuel” to boost your bees health!

Also see our Bio-Control to provide the closest thing to real Nectar & Bio-Activator to provide the closest thing to the elements in Real pollen.

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Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 6 in

1 Pound, 10 Pounds, 40 Pounds


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