Bee Hive Management

Hive Management or Hosting
Bee Hive Management and Hosting

Bee Hive Management (Hosting)

Are you interested in owning Bee Hives, but would rather not deal with the bees?


Our Services Include:

  • Full Bee Hive Management – One annual fee includes most of the below.
  • Provide the Bees and Beehive equipment (purchased through us).
  • Perform weekly or bi-weekly hive inspections.
  • Treat the bees (as needed).
  • Take care of hive splits (as needed).
  • Harvest and process the honey (not expected first year).
    1. Your own Honey makes a great gift.
      • 10lbs of bottled honey (5lbs first year).
      • Custom honey label provided.
    2. Pay you for any honey over 10lbs.
    3. Return some or  all of the honey is an additional option.
  • Apiary Registration with the state of Ohio.
  • Prepare the bees for the Winter.
    1. Insulate hives as needed.
    2. Feed bees as needed.
  • Queen Bee replacement (if required).
  • Provide additional bees (in case of loss).
  • Remove hives when no longer desired.
    1. Bee removal.
    2. Pay you for unneeded hive equipment.
  • Beekeeper Training is an option.

For more information, please click:   Contact Us at SW Ohio Bees.

Other Notes:

  •  Must be with-in 10 miles (driving) of my home in Fairfield Twp., Ohio.
  •  Only a limited number of hostings will be excepted.
  •  Must have access for my truck, to install and maintain the bees.
  •  Few, if any HOAs will allow bees. is a division of (Liberty Laser LLC)